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Thread: How can we the users help with radeonhd?

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    Default How can we the users help with radeonhd?

    So, for us non-programmers out there, what can we do to help out with the development of the RadeonHD driver? I have it working on my radeon mobility X1300 notebook, however, I get a message in my Xorg log that says:

    The driver works for me as far as I can tell, everything seems to function right. However, I thought I would help by submitted the requested details to the address above, but the email got rejected saying that they do no accept attchments.

    Is there anything else that we can do to help with detection and stuff?

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    Just paste that information in the body of your email. Don't include it as an .txt, .doc, or .odt attachment and it should go through to them.

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