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My nokia 'classic' non smart phone always has better reception than my mates and their smartphones. And I only have to charge it once every 10 days or so!

Smartphones are a fad!
non-smart is a non-starter these days. They all have processors and run operating systems of varying complexity. With the free availability of proper smartphone operating systems, you can expect more and more of these "non-smart" phones to start coming equipped with operating systems like Android. The big question is why would you want to put the resources into creating and maintaining your own proprietary firmware rather than using what is freely available and better than anything on which you can justify the development cost?

Battery life on a "smart" phone is reduced mainly by background services, things like email synchronization that keep running in the background. Things that transfer a lot of data. If I deactivate data on my HTC VISION, it runs fine for well over a week -- and that is even with the occasional use of high power consumption components like GPS.