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Thread: VirtualBox 4.1 Is Coming; Beta 1 w/ New Features

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    Default VirtualBox 4.1 Is Coming; Beta 1 w/ New Features

    Phoronix: VirtualBox 4.1 Is Coming; Beta 1 w/ New Features

    VirtualBox 4.0 was released last December and with nearly seven months passing since any major update or roadmap for a new major feature release, I had been wondering what were Oracle's future plans for this virtualization platform they received from Sun Microsystems as part of their acquisition. Fortunately, Oracle today announced the first beta of VM VirtualBox 4.1. The VirtualBox 4.1 release does deliver several new features, but nothing too ground-breaking in the heated virtualization world...

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    Default Great!

    Im hoping the WDDM Driver means I can run aero in it....oh well if not, so be it......sounds like they are improving it by a lot!

    EDIT: After installing and looking at configuration.....they have added quite a few new features.....cant wait until final version (Im testing on Windows Host ATM)
    EDIT AGAIN: AERO IS WORKING IN WINDOWS 7 GUEST (Windows 7 Host too).....its gonna be a great release, i can tell already!
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    - Support for cloning of virtual machines.

    Not groundbreaking, but definitely welcome.

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    And proper USB passthru support remains broken... Yes even with the plugin installed...

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    is cloning using deltas like vmware?
    cause if it doesnt, it's not really useful. I can make a proper copy with command line already.. uses twice the space

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    Yes usb support seems to be only enough for printers (that works fine) and maybe usb storage devices. Once i wanted to configure a telephone system running inside a vm, then vbox failed on linux+win. virtual pc failed, vmware player worked. An umts usb modem also did not work within vbox. I mainly used vbox for printing onto cd/dvd, that was no problem.

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