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Thread: A New Linux Game Store Is Launching Next Week

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    Default A New Linux Game Store Is Launching Next Week

    Phoronix: A New Linux Game Store Is Launching Next Week

    While there isn't an over-abundance of quality native games right now for the small Linux gaming market, it looks like a new web-based Linux game store is launching next week. It's called Gameolith, but will it be anything special?..

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    Ubuntu Software Center is great, but lacks a selection of titles (of course). I expect Desura's client to be really nice too. As far as solid community platforms, good software for easy purchase+download+install, and a stable medium-to-large business backing the project, I think USC and Desura will satisfy my needs going into the future. They just need to vastly expand their selection (by getting distribution deals with existing Linux game publishers, and trying to convince publishers that don't currently make Linux games to consider a port).

    A one-man shop like Gameolith is probably not even news at this point. I only foresee it gaining traction if they have unique purchase policies (such as getting a deal to open source a game after a certain number of purchases) or ship games that are only offered through them. Which is entirely possible if the guy who writes Gameolith also makes his own game...

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    Not broken in Firefox here.

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    as for your forthcoming steam, this is a nice little quote from a podcast with Gabe Newell:

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    Default Tux Games and Linux Game Publishing

    Well we need more gamestorestores for linux.
    Since Tux Games and Linux Game Publishing ain't serious.
    I used to order most of the games that was released but stopped since i never received my ordered products.
    I even payed more than once for one game but still didn't receive anything.
    I sent a few mails to Michael Simms who claimed it was sent and so on but most of the games i ordered was never received.
    It wasn't one order it was many different orders.
    Instead of getting the things i payed for i was ported from first tuxgames and later LGP with no money sent back.
    I even made an file for "konsumentkontakt europa" thats our "consumer agency" for europe i just didn't go thru with it since i liked what they tried to do.
    But now that i think about it i will call them an see if i still can.
    Sorry for the OT but this got me thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by netrage View Post
    Not broken in Firefox here.
    broken here for ff 3.6

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    The more the merrier. =)
    Not broken in firefox 5.0 either...
    Also it looks like it will be updated to 12th of this month, not 7th like they said. (stated on facebook)

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    I have to be honest... more stores is not better. Or more accurately, more _platforms_ is not better.

    Something like Steam is far more than just a store. It's also a friends list, anti-cheating service, leaderboards/achievements gallery, etc. You only really want one service for all this. You want to only have to add your friends list once. You only want a single app to browse achievements and such.

    Things like this are just another example of where fragmentation is a bigger problem than lack of choice.

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