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Thread: Modifying the ATI installer

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    Default Modifying the ATI installer

    I need to install ATI drivers on a PREMPT_RT patched Linux kernel. I've managed to come up with the necessary patches to the ATI shim layer and successfully built, loaded and ran the driver using the following procedure:

    # Extract the installer source and patch the shim layer
    sh --extract ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64
    cd ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64
    patch -p 1 < ../<my patch>
    # Build and install the driver package
    ./ 11-2 --buildandinstallpkg RedHat/RHEL5_64a
    # Configure and load the driver
    aticonfig --initial

    Unfortunately, the above procedure is lacking when compared with a vanilla installation:

    1) It skips the click through licensing present in the vanilla installation
    2) It does not install the uninstaller and accompanying configuration files
    3) There may be other components that are not installed as well - I did not do an exhaustive comparison

    What is the correct procedure for patching the ATI driver such that the end result is the same as a vanilla installation? Thanks.

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    why do you need the uninstall script when you use PACKAGED drivers. thats bullshit.

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    Fine. Uninstalling the package performs the same function as the uninstaller.
    Any ideas about the license?

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