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I'm primarily interested in seeing Intel chips move to Gallium due to the abundance of useful state trackers that are in development. Once Clover, OpenVG and the GL3 state tracker start to mature, being able to run them on my 965GM (with features not supported by the hardware running through optimized LLVM bytecode) would be very nice. No Can Do with i965c though, and i965g isn't really being worked on. i915 users should consider themselves lucky to get this nice boost despite the hardware being really, really ancient (even my 965GM is old, and it isn't getting that degree of work).
in order to use the state trackers the underlying hardware must support the function right???? ie if i915 hw doesn't support opengl 5 or OpenCL 3 the state tracker supporting those won't be able to do much right??

versions numbers are fictional & used for illustration purposes in order not to create confusion with the current hw capabilities