I know there are many HTPC threads already, but it probably wont hurt to post one more. I currently have a Ubuntu based server (mostly working as a file server via nfs) running on old Athlon 64, which is starting to wear down. I'm planning on building a new setup, which could serve as a server and HTPC. It should be quiet and be able to play 1080p video.

Sandy bridge seems attractive, because it packs a lot of power and runs cool. I have learned about some problems, however. Firstly, the first H67/P67 chipsets had some SATA problem, right? But the new P8 ones should have this fixed? Another problem, as I understand, is the integrated graphics of SB. If I plan to use external nVidia card, will there be any issues in playing back video (on CPU with mplayer-mt, I still won't fully count on VDPAU)?

My current "shopping chart" includes these:

Intel Core i3 2100
Asus P8H61 B3 Intel H61 LGA1155
Kingston Valueram 4GB 1333MHz DDR3
Asus ENGT520 SILENT/DI/1GD3(LP) GeForce GT520 1024 MB DDR3
Corsair CX430W
Antec Three Hundred

plus my old hard drives and what not. I feel that I should go with the standard casing, since I have a place for it in my living room. Those HTPC casings seem a bit overpriced. Also I wan't to have room for extra HD:s. Will there be any problems with running the Lucid with SB? I would prefer LTS version.