I've been producing a FPS game/engine specifically for Linux (compiles also for Windows) since late last year. The project is starting to be in quite a good state already, so I decided to bring this up also here at Phoronix. I'm sure there are some people who would be interested in this sort of project.

Link http://koti.mbnet.fi/~blender/glfps/

The names of the engine and game are still open, although for now the engine is called Polyscape.

The game idea is not at a very mature state yet, but what is sure is that this will be a realistic network FPS. For now, the goal is to release a test version that implements basic team based death match in a relatively large landscape setting. There is no real goal of a completely finished game, but the game development will be a continuous process, where new releases are frequently uploaded.

There will be a more elaborate game idea later on, but the plans are still on the table. Most probably the game will be team based and very objective oriented. By "objective", I don't mean the well-known "place bomb etc.", but something more complicated and inspiring.

I would be very happy to hear any comments and thoughts.