Hi all

Recently I got a cheap FirePro v4800. Nice little card for 3D modeling and programming, however gaming performance lacks. I also got into bitcoin mining and the 80Mhash/s is nice but slow

I thought of getting a Radeon HD5850 or 5830 as a compute device and gaming card to complement the FirePro. However the Catalyst driver refuses to work with a FirePro card and AMD support told me that the same will happen with the CatalystPro (i.e. Radeon cards will not work with the Pro driver).

Does anybody here have experience with either mixing Radeon/FirePro cards in the same machine or modifying drivers to accept both type of cards ?

My distro is gentoo64 on a dual opteron system. The board lacks AMD-Vi (Nforce 3600 Pro socket F), so using virtualisation is not that easy for this (but possible).