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Ok, so I've been giving this a shot from a different angle I think without a whole lot of success.

I installed XCP 1.6 to my home server:
xeon 3.3 ghz (with VT-d)
32gb ram
NVidia quadro 4000
2 tb hard disk and some other disks

I manage the server with XenCenter on a basic desktop. This part works beautifully. I can create vm's for days.

I've experimented with many combinations of os installs and drivers and have gotten mild gpu passthrough success. I installed Win 7 Pro SP1 to a vm and then installed the xs-tools that come with xcp. This gave me a pretty speedy and stable Win7 vm. I enabled gpu passthrough in xencenter and restart my vm and there it is in my device list. I install drivers and restart and everything seems configured properly, my display adapter says NVidia Quadro 4000 without any warnings. But I can't do anything with it. I don't see any improvements since enabling the gpu and I can't get any 3d applications to launch.

In case you are wondering: I decided to try this method because I'm pretty new to xen. I've been reading forums and the wiki for the last week or so trying to get a handle on it. I went this way because it seemed pretty simple, but obviously its not working the way I want it to. Any help would be appreciated.

Note: I tried to run 3dmark11 and this is the error I get -

Workload Single init returned error message: DXGI call IDXGIOutput::GetDisplayModeList failed:

The requested functionality is not supported by the device or the driver.

I'm not familiar with XCP, except that it's the cloud platform version. According to the Xen comparison matrix, XCP lags behind Xen and doesn't give you the latest features.

I use Xen 4.1.2 with Linux Mint and it works perfect with a Nvidia Quadro 2000.

Here is a How-to I wrote: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=112013

Hope it helps. If not, I'd be glad to help out if I can.