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Not necessarily, Ian's message just said it should wait until after 7.11 if the changes would make it harder to cherry-pick changes to 7.11. I'm not convinced that's the case - there are only 2 existing files with major changes in core Mesa, and even those wouldn't make it difficult to backport fixes to 7.11.

I sent a reply to Ian's message to the list yesterday; it'll probably be discussed more if I get it ready before Mesa 7.11 is released on July 22. Which is likely, since all I really have to do is rebase against master and rewrite some of the commit messages. So we'll see.

If you do, please be sure to test several different Gallium drivers (at least r300g/r600g/nvfx/nv50), since each driver compiles and optimizes the TGSI input differently (and they use different flags to make the compiler run different lowering passes and generate different TGSI).
Have you run any tests yourself yet? What kind of differences are you expecting? So far when comparing the glsl-to-tgsi branch to the respective mainline commit that appears to be where you last pulled from, I am not seeing any major differences. On R600g I am seeing a frame or two difference, Nouveau is nearly identical in frame-rates. This is for Nexuiz, Lightsmark, VDrift. There are some CPU usage differences though.