OK, I just bought a new video card a few days ago, a Gigabyte 2600XT. After a some work I managed to get fglrx 8.41.7 working. 3D's working fine, but the video is really poor quality, it looks kinda blocky. It a huge step backwards from my old nVidia 6200.

And that's when it's working properly. Sometimes when I'm playing a video in Kaffeine the image will be completely messed up, and often it will crash the X server.

I have the Xv overlay enabled (and OpenGL disabled). I don't know what else it could be.

Is this normal for the driver? And if so will it be fixed in future releases?

Does video work any better with the radeonhd driver? I've tried to get it running but it says it can't find a modeline.

I'm seriously considering putting my 6200 back in. I don't really need the extra 3D power. Stable video output is far more important to me.