Hey there!

Recently I've been pretty intimate with a thin client that has been built pretty much exclusivity out of VIA parts...The Processor, NIC, Sound Card, and Video Card. It is a WYSE V90L: 800Mhz Eden processor, 512Mb RAM, 512Mb SATA IDE HDD.

I have several of these units that originally came with Windows XP Embedded... however, overtime, virtual memory issues became too much of a bother to keep these units in production...

For a few months, I've tested different minimalist Linux distros to see how they hold up for long periods of time, while applications are open and running. Hands down, performance and stability seem to be optimal in Linux over XPE.

Distros I've used:
Slax 6.1.2
Porteus v.1.0
SliTaz 3.0
Macpup 525 & Puppy 525

I've had the most luck with Porteus (Slax Remix)... the community has been great for personality and support.

My greatest challenge in getting everything I need has revolved around dual screen support. I've accomplished TWIN screens, however, require extended or spanning. From what I understand, there are several options to accomplish this...Xorg.conf tweaks, XrandR, and r300g. I've dabbled with the Xorg.conf and XrandR... but haven't gotten very far... I wonder still, if there is a better driver to be looking at, than what I am using.

I have found these to work well, over other VIA drivers (they enable both screens, but in twin view):


Most distros detect and uses this OpenChrome driver: VT8233/A/8235/8237

However, the video card is a VIA VT1632A. VESA mode on some distos work, but doest offer or detect 2 screens. Windows XPE uses VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP drivers... it offers several resolutions and extended desktop. If only I could....use ndiswrapper for this.

If anyone has a clue of some things to try (to enable an extended/spanning desktop)... on any of the listed, or comparable, distros... I've love to try it. I have lots more of information to provide upon request.

Any help would be appreciated!

-Master Splinter