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Thread: Knoppix 6.7 Released This Weekend

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    Default Knoppix 6.7 Released This Weekend

    Phoronix: Knoppix 6.7 Released This Weekend

    Knoppix, one of the best original Linux LiveCD distributions, experienced its version 6.7 release this weekend...

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    i'm surprised people still use knoppix. knoppix was the very first linux distro i used and it was pretty amazing for it's time but it doesn't really offer anything useful at all today. live CDs of other distros like ubuntu or fedora are better demo CDs and distros like parted magic are better at system recovery.

    considering knoppix was initially intended as a "try out linux and see how you like it" cd, i think what it should know move onto is demoing either pre-releases of software (such as wayland or possibly steam client if possible) and it should have demos of commercial linux software, so people know what is available.

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