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chris@chrisl ~/games/hb3-2/CrayonPhysicsDeluxe % ldd launcher 2> /dev/null | grep /home/ | wc -l
chris@chrisl ~/games/hb3-2/CrayonPhysicsDeluxe % ldd launcher 2> /dev/null | grep /usr/lib32 | wc -l
chris@chrisl ~/games/hb3-2/CrayonPhysicsDeluxe %
The needed libraries not packed with the game include:
32 bit openssl (0.9.8!!).
32 bit nas (yes. NAS!).
32 bit libjpeg6.
32 bit libtiff4.

Have fun.
Indeed, fortunately this is the ONLY game I had any trouble with. All the other started up perfectly on my 64-bit system without so much as a hiccup. You'd think they'd ALL have gotten icculus to port them over like the cogs and hammerfight guys did. Oh well.

Also, while CPD does take more work than it should, it's a VERY fun game so far.