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I really don't get what the fuss is about. Web browsers don't need to be super crazy fast. Mosaic worked fine on a 486 for web browsing. Are people trying to suggest that their brains are getting faster? Because I can assure everyone that this is not the case.

Total fluff, make work projects to pretend that something is being accomplished. They're just stacking the dependencies and bloating out.

Most of my hardware will be happy to handle these advanced pointless dependencies, but the F***ING ATOM/POULSBO won't. EVER. Guess its a good thing they aren't dropping cairo.... yet. They surely will eventually though, and that will be the death of that hardware.
It seems that people's brains are getting slower with time, but the content of the Internet is not. It is not plain html anymore. You have video, animations and whole systems running in your browser.
There surly is a need for more speed.