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Thread: Will Wayland be capable of Multiseat

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    Default Will Wayland be capable of Multiseat

    With the way that has progressed, it seems that it lost touch with multiseat capability.

    How's multiseat possibility in wayland?

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    In you can run 2 servers and then make a multiseat setup. I agree, it's not quite easy, but not impossible. I think that you can also run 2 servers with Wayland, each using a different monitor.

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    I hope Wayland takes this opportunity to solve multiseat once and for all. X has struggled for years trying to support every theoretical combination under the sun and it's still a nightmare to configure.

    It might be best to focus on one or two common use cases in the modern age.

    Lounge Room Use Case : Plugging in a HDMI TV via a second GPU port, and having that display automatically stay logged into a media center or guest account with a wireless kb/mouse controlling it. All the while the primary display can have a rotation of accounts logging on and off again.

    I'd like to see Wayland solve that for the majority of users, and then drive from that towards additional capabilities.

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