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Thread: Best card for under $100

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    its pretty easy ^^. If you dont care about the openess of drivers and dont want features like kms, and never want to try alpha or beta versions of distries or try some new kernels which just gut released or are just in release candidate state, and are willing to believe in nvidia that they never let you in a unusable state than go with nvidia. Ahh and if you are happy to somehow modify your distry in the first place (in ubuntu klick on one button and reboot, in other distries maybe type some stuff in the console) so than go with nvidia,

    But if you dont want all that and you want maybe support from kernel hackers for bugs for your stuff, you should go with amd. (they dont accept bug reports with tainted kernels (with nvidia blob loaded)

    another question does he really need that cpu power? ^^ Else maybe Llano would be an alternative, but I think because he bought it it makes no sense to change it back, here in germany we can send stuff we bought over the internet back without giving a reason till 2 weeks after we got it
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