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Thread: MATISK: Benchmarking 1,000+ Revisions Of Mesa

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    I'm running Xfce 4.8 under Arch Linux and I have a ~/.config/autostart directory. I'm assuming that's the XDG autostart thing...[1] Which applications to run from it can be configured by selecting the Settings -> Session and Startup menu (new apps are auto-selected by default.[2])

    So apparently it should work under Xfce as well.

    [1] Indeed:
    [2] In fact, whether the app is run or not is determined by the "Hidden" property in the .desktop file, so Xfce has nothing to do with that (unless the user changes that in "Session and Startup".)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    - The PTS launcher is placed automatically in the user's local XDG autostart directory. When testing is done, it removes itself. So it assumes right now that you have the user set to be automatically logged in. I haven't bothered trying any GDM/KDM integration to automatically setup the auto-login on a temporary basis.

    - You can set reboot wherever you want.

    - Depending upon your permissions for reboot. You can run it as user or root, all depends upon how you have your system configured.

    Can probably post the complete Mesa scripts when I am back to the US.
    Assuming you're back in the US by now, could you please post the complete Mesa scripts?



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