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There are a lot of Ubuntu bugs which are really upstream problems. Intel 8xx integrated graphics devices are almost unusable (FDO). Some wireless devices are broken and can cause system lockups (kernel). SCSI scanner permissions are often wrong and prevent saned and Apache from accessing them (UDEV). I've encountered several GNOME/GTK bugs.

The desired bug reporting process is to report issues to Ubuntu first to see if it is a Ubuntu-specific problem. If not, then forward them to Debian to see if it is in their packages. If it is not a Debian-specific problem it should go upstream from there.

The problem is that bugs reported to Ubuntu take forever to be reviewed by anyone, especially bugs related to specific hardware. Often the only response is from triage volunteers that tell you to try the latest Ubuntu version. If you don't respond then it gets marked invalid. I've given up an bugs that had that happen for four or more releases. It basically is up to the end user to install Debian and other distros to determine if the bug is an upstream problem or not. This is really time consuming.
I'm glad you brought up bug submission. Too many times I had crashes trying to submit a bug only to hit the cancel button when I discovered I had to sign up to actually submit them. I don't need another account on the Internet. If you want bug reports, accept them anonymously.