Right now, I play Starcraft 2 but I also use Fedora as my main operating system. I use Fedora because I am able to do more with it than Windows despite having been a long term Windows user I switched to using Linux primarily about five years ago having had several dual boot setups favoring Windows before that.
So at the moment I have Fedora which I use but I also have Windows. I would like to get rid of Windows because I only use it to play Starcraft 2.
My problem however, is that although Starcraft 2 will run in wine, it requires an add in card and the use of one of the blob drivers. I don't have an add in card and buying one is not an option at the moment.
What I have is a sandybridge machine with HD3000 graphics and it won't allow me to play starcraft 2 using wine because it appears that mesa lacks all of the opengl extensions required by wine to run starcraft 2.

So my questions are these : Does anyone have any idea how far away mesa is from supporting the opengl spec enough to play starcraft 2? And is there a way to find out what extensions are missing from mesa which wine needs to run starcraft2?

(On a side note, you can go try Starcraft 2 using wine right now for free, if you have a good nvidia or ati card and are using the proprietary drivers : Starcraft 2 starter edition)