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Thread: The first German-Turkish "Döner" Food Restaurant in the US:

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    OK, doner kebab-ish v0.2. No pics this time though.

    I'm starting to get the pitas figured out. Too thick and they won't puff evenly, too thin and they won't puff at all. If the dough is too dry they won't puff, and if it's too wet the thickness gets messed up and they don't puff evenly. Ask me how I know.

    Fortunately there is a pretty big zone where the pitas do puff up OK - make them about as thick as a typical pizza crust, dough dry enough to handle but then spray one side with water while the oven & pan are preheating then spray the other side with water right after putting the dough on the heated pan.

    I didn't have time to roll my own kebab this time either, but found some lamb/beef sausages and grilled them then sliced diagonally to get long-ish slices. Used lettuce and tomato this time, which really helped, along with raw onion and a few sausage slices.

    Using commercially made sausages brings the "snouts & jowls" content, which I'm sure is an important component of any fast food product

    Best sauce so far was a mix of yogurt, ranch dressing and scotch bonnet sauce, maybe 4 parts yogurt to 3 parts ranch dressing and 2 parts hot sauce. It was important to have sauce all through, not just on top. I tried spreading a bit of sauce on the inside of the pita before assembling but that seemed to weaken the pita and make the result kinda messy, but alternating filling & sauce a couple of times worked well. When the sauce distribution was right these graduated from "OK" to "pretty darned good".
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