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Thread: So this means no more good RPGs for Linux?

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    If we're lucky or get enough people to ask them, this could be good. Bioware has experience porting to Linux, and recently EA has done a few things of note.

    First EA released several of the bigger name titles for Mac:

    Then I read this:

    So take it FWIW I suppose, but just maybe... hey it would be pretty sweet to get a native Need for Speed

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    @ Svartalf:

    Yeah, I understand what you mean about not getting our hopes way up... I've actually learned to keep them rather shallow when it comes to (commercial) Linux gaming... Hasta no ver, no creer as it goes the saying (seeing is believing), but I'm surely glad that at least the waters are being stirred in that direction.,.. Just when about to overhaul my PC to be more suitable for recent games (not to mention work for a medical 3D visualization laboratory, when I occasionally have to take work home )

    @ ap90033:

    Not necessarily, I've seen some FOSS games of extremely high quality, though, yeah, the more games, the better
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