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Thread: Approved: C++0x Will Be An International Standard

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirv View Post
    I'm not convinced binary literals are great - I'd use hex in all cases even if they were there. It's actually more readable to have things in hex. As for pointer syntax...well, that can be confusing (nullptr is a bit late, but helpful never the less), particularly with function pointers, but I don't think it's that bad.

    I'm quite enjoying the threading with C++0x (or C++11, or whatever) - glad to see that around. Combined with variadic templates, it's quite useful.
    Do you also use hex when each bit is a flag for something in a word (16 bit) and let's go crazy and say dword, qword(32 and 64 bit)?

    Seriously using hex is cumbersome in some situations.
    Other languages starting to add binary literals.

    The problem with pointer syntax is that from pointer to it's value and from value to it's pointer it's the same sign in some situations. I'm referring to the use of the '*' and the '&' sign and the pointer is not a type way of implementation.
    You have to remember everything. Not a big deal if it's a small example exercise. But in a bit project this is how errors easily slip in.
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