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Me: Kernel 3.0 is unusable for me without BFS. I mean really, a total piece of crap experience. Benchmark THAT.
And I wanted to know why it's unusable.

You: Care to explain what's wrong? I know CFS doesn't allow you to use millions Hz as a timer frequency [wtf is that? this is suggesting that CFS doesn't and BFS does], but some people explained it's a dumb stupid idea.
This is suggesting you can use such high timer with BFS and it's also suggesting such ability is dumb. Con is a maker of BFS and the patch which allows you to use such high frequency and Ingo is a maker of CFS and he didn't make such funny patch.

Stop trying to weasel out of it with "but I didn't mean that, it's your fault for thinking that". Be a man. Say "I'm sorry, I miscommunicated it, so here's what I meant."
Don't be kidding me. Didn't I show it's you who had no clue? You were saying I'm FUDing while I just pointed to your problems with KDE. I was talking about your problems with KDE and unstable graphic drivers you were using to point it can be your fault when comes to your CFS problems. You said later BFS fixed them, but you meant it fixed different problems from the future which you mentioned later. Con should make some notice BFS can really brainf*ck your brain...

So, what is it that you meant? And how does what you meant bear any relevance to this thread (which is about BFS and not some random, highly specialized, special circumstances, HZ altering -ck patch.)
While it's about BFS it didn't stop you from bashing CFS. Con is a BFS maker and some can consider BFS is some kind of a toy while Con allows you to do such funny things like setting timer to 10KHz. Just a tiny "suggestion".