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Thread: Native Display Auto-Detection For EGL

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    Default Native Display Auto-Detection For EGL

    Phoronix: Native Display Auto-Detection For EGL

    Benjamin Franzke, the open-source developer that for a number of months has been contributed to Mesa / Wayland, has continued with his work. His latest achievement is landing some new EGL code in Mesa, which will benefit Wayland too...

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    All the work currently being done on the graphics side seems to be going to culminate in some very promising architecture down the road.
    Keep up the good work!

    The detection is done based upon different characteristics of each platform, since the EGL specification doesn't define how to manage different native platforms.
    Looks like it's time for making a Linux EGL.
    (Apple has EAGL for integrating since EGL doesn't do everything because of conceptual limitations, Linux would need an LEGL or something.)

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    Linux's EGL is Mesa/Gallium's EGL.

    It's just a API for applications. What happens underneath the API is the OS's business.

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