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Thread: 285.03 (beta) for Linux x86/x86_64 released

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    Default 285.03 (beta) for Linux x86/x86_64 released

    Release highlights:
    • Fixed a bug causing corruption of images which are 2047 pixels wide.
    • Improved performance of the RENDER extension on Fermi-based GPUs.
    • Fixed a bug causing the X server to crash after a VT-switch while running an OpenGL stereo application which is a member of a swap group.

    Not mentioned:
    • OpenGL Version: 4.2.0 NVIDIA 285.03

    32-bit / 64-bit on the site

    also see the README

    not yet on FTP

    is it just me or the drivers got bigger and bigger since 27x.xx ?

    also, zander from nVidia on Fermi overclocking:
    It wasn't so much a policy decision, it was more a question of picking battles.

    FERMI GPUs are very complex, with elaborate clock trees and memory interfaces (e.g. GDDR5, EDC, ECC, etc.). The NV-CONTROL overclocking interface, on the other hand, is quite naive. In order to properly support clock manipulation on FERMI and newer GPUs, a fair amount of work will need to be done in at least the X driver, NV-CONTROL and nvidia-settings to overhaul the overclocking infrastructure. I believe on Windows, a lot of this type of functionality was moved outside of the driver for that reason.

    We do have a bug tracking this RFE internally, and I expect we'll get to it eventually. But given ever-increasing hardware/software complexity, general driver quality concerns and other long-standing feature requests (such as the long-neglected RandR extension), it's hard to justify the effort for a small subset of the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver user base at this time.
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