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My post was an exaggeration aimed at someone threatening to switch to Windows 7, when they have never really left it.

This thread is about Gnome 3. If you want to talk off topic about how great Windows is then this is the wrong place. Phoronix is about Linux and other nix variants. So are the discussions. I have not used Windows in the last 10 years and I do not care even a little bit.

I do not make posts on Windows forums.

I actually like Gnome3. I love the extension system and I cannot wait for the whole thing to mature. There is no need for a fork. How many people use the forked KDE 3?
A gnome 2 port seems premature considering you still have fallback mode and most of the issues people have gnome 3 could end up being fixed before that goes away.

It does seem strange to see windows as the solution to disagreeing with the direction of gnome 3 as its linux that allows choices when it comes to gui.

I would like to point out the advantage with linux repository’s as a good way of getting access to safe software especially for beginners would might otherwise download crap. This is a solution that deals with the problem of 'people doing dumb things' issue better than windows ever has.

Just navigating the tick boxes to avoid a wall of toolbars can be a pain in windows when installing.