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Thread: LLVM Offers New Clang With SAFECode Technology

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    Default LLVM Offers New Clang With SAFECode Technology

    Phoronix: LLVM Offers New Clang With SAFECode Technology

    The Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) developers have released a new version of their Clang C/C++ compiler. What's new to this Clang release, which comes months after the 2.9 release of LLVM and Clang, is that it integrates SAFECode Technology. SAFECode provides memory safety checking, which LLVM developers designed to be superior to Valgrind -- the tool commonly used by open-source developers for running memory checks on their code...

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    That's awesome. There's a sore need for proper pointer debugging tools on linux. Valgrind is just too slow and mudflap doesn't work with DSOs.
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    This is a misunderstanding. SAFECode is a project building on LLVM/Clang, not part of the mainline. If you go to the Clang site, you won't find a new release to download, and in the near future, stock Clang won't support the -safecode switch. You have to download the Clang build from the SAFECode project.

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