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There is a active movement to get rid of OSS support in Linux. The reason, of course, is that OSS is terrible.
While I would not like to turn this into Linux audio debate #1e100, I would like to hear your thoughts on why OSS is "terrible", because I think that your opinion, which is sadly shared by many people, seems ill-founded. I have been using both ALSA and OSS (versions 3 and 4) for years now, and they are now both solid audio systems from my experience.

While OSS 3 lacked much functionality (the most pertinent being a lack of software mixing) and botched its licensing, and could unanimously be described as "terrible", OSS 4 has made advances to the point where referring to it as "terrible" is debatable, but this doesn't seem to happen because too many people jump on the "OSS hate bandwagon". OSS 4 is certainly still missing some important features, and this makes it not suitable for everyone, including power management and MIDI support. However, personally, I think that the "OSS is terrible" line is long expired, because the age-old criticisms of OSS have been rectified.