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Thread: Is The Mobile Linux Graphics Landscape Soon To Change?

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    Default Is The Mobile Linux Graphics Landscape Soon To Change?

    Is The Mobile Linux Graphics Landscape Soon To Change? Namely, are we about to see more open-source mobile graphics drivers under Linux... Your thoughts?

    (And by soon I mean within the next couple of months.)
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    I do not believe anything will change until I see free drivers.

    IMHO there is no big pressure on them to OS their drivers, as phone vendors are fine with
    CS drivers. Sad but true.

    On another side, tom3q is working on the openfimg drivers, but this is only possible due to the fact that
    Samsuck's source code leaked.

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    IMO, it's changing for the worse..

    Looks like nVidia Optimus is becoming much more popular and is being shipped in the majority of low-mid range nVidia laptops now (see the Clevo / Sager lineups which are rebranded and resold across the mobile industry)... nVidia doesn't support it at all under Linux, with closed or open source drivers.. Forcing people who buy these laptops to not be able to use their nVidia graphics chip at all, and use only the Intel graphics chip embedded in the Intel CPU.

    I was thinking I could turn to nVidia to get safe long-term support when I buy new mobile hardware, but then realized how worthless these laptops with nVidia Optimus are under Linux.

    I guess I will stick with Intel+AMD graphics and AMD + AMD graphics on mobile hardware after all..
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    Default Yeap. OpenGL is a bit behind when it comes to Mobile or Integrated+Discreet

    On new HP laptop of my friend. OpenGL wasn't even installed... While it shipped with drivers pre-installed!
    Only after visiting vendors drivers page new drivers provided OpenGL. GPUs where Intel 3000 and AMD 68xx.

    On mobile front, I think that there is notion that gpu drivers are company secrets. Thats bad. We would have prime OpenGL ES if they just got all together at working on it. Also OpenVG, and a few other things.

    No I see no bright point in the future. (There is no one to give such hope, even Intel can not do much).

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