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    I want to inform you that Makson from created the project Free Engineer that will help you to install games on Ubuntu

    "There are many games which were never released on Linux, but their engine code is now free. Free Engineer project is here to make it easy for you to play those games on Ubuntu.

    Just add this repository (Instruction below in "Read about installing"), install package free-engineer, and use "Free Engineer" app for graphical installation of games.

    Or just follow this youtube instruction:

    This app will beautifully combine free game engines from this repository and non-free games content (graphic, music, etc.) from game distribution platforms. What is more, the game engines will get frequent updates as their development by community progress.

    At the launch Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy (OpenJK engine) game is supported and downloading content from Steam. If you want to play this game be sure you got it on Steam:

    If you like what I am doing please make a donation:

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    Hi there,
    Thank you for the interest in the project.
    I have already started thread on the Phoronix:
    If you have any suggestions or proposals for new games, please write there.


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