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Intel HD graphics series/GMA series are probably the most famous graphics deaccelerators, wich has around 50+ % market share in the universe among GPU's. And peoples are tortrued me, to make maker3d compatible with this beautifull graphics cards also.

So i just did it. I have added a low graphics quality mode to Maker3D, so the editor currently can run playable on Intel HD graphics series. It can found in the Maker3D menu, and can be adjusted in real time. It also can switched back to full graphics quality easilly. This maybee also helps on SiS and S3 graphics cards.

BUILD 704:

-accidentally, build 702 used a bit darker lighting modell. fixed.
-editor can be switched to low graphics mode (Intel GMA owners now can be happy)

please note: download mirrors will be refreshed within 2 day
LOL EPIC post! really cool and yes INTEL SUCK!