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I tried the 8.42 driver on my Compaq V2000 under Ubuntu 7.10 and it didn't work. After figuring out the composite issue, I tried running a 3D game (BZ Flag) and all it did was cause the laptop to shutdown due to overheating the card or CPU. After trying it a couple of times with the same results, I decided to revert back to the fglrx in the repositories and not try any 3D on my laptop for now.

I was excited when I read last month that Mobility would be supported. Oy!
in my ubuntu 7.10 didn't work
in my suse 10.3 it works fine (i do not use compiz)
in my gentoo it works fine (included all issues we all know: slow aiglx scroll, high CPU hunger, etc).

by the way any news about next release?