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Thread: AMD 8.42.3 Driver Released -- The Baby Is Born!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmplague View Post
    So I figured out my own problem here.

    Following the steps prescribed by Ren Hoek seems to have worked, at least with problem 1. I'm working remotely, so we'll see about problem 2.
    Was able to get problem 2 working (dual head big desktop not persisting on next login) via the System -> Screen Resolution menu in Gutsy, just clicked the 'Make this default for every sessin' box, or whatever it's called, and everything worked.

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    Don't know if anyone actually cares but 8.42.3 (with FireGL hack) is running fine on my Thinkpad T60p (FireGL V5250).

    Only thing that's annoying is the missing suspend/resume but I can live with that (for now).

    Even ET:QW runs fine and stable.

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    This thread is now being closed. If you run into issues with fglrx 8.42/8.43, be sure to upgrade to the latest ATI/AMD Linux driver and create a new thread or use a newer "driver released" thread.

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    Can we get an unsticky and a close on this?

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