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Thread: X.Org Developers' Conference 2011 Approaches

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    Default X.Org Developers' Conference 2011 Approaches

    Phoronix: X.Org Developers' Conference 2011 Approaches

    Three weeks from today, the X.Org Developers' Conference, the annual meet-up of Linux graphics driver developers, will be taking place in Chicago. Here's the latest developments for this conference...

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    Michael, please. Let the audio be great, because of non native speakers like me. The video may not be with such high quality, as long as you provide the slides from the speakers.
    I am waiting for this event impatiently.

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    Like the previous speaker said: Good sound is crucial. Then a split screen (double width) between the speaker and the slides would be awesome as well. I've seen that for several keynotes and it really hits the spot.

    On another note: What about the "former RadeonHD developers"? Are they happy with where the ATI R700+ drivers are headed? Are they working on them? Etc etc.

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