Far East Asia has a booming economy so i was curious how well that correlated with Linux usage.

But, as I could not find any data I decided to see if I could get it somehow anyhow.

I found a well know Linux website which publishes it web statistics on the web. The server hits are broken down on a country by country level.

I used that and divided the numbers with the population size (using Wikipedia) multiplied by 1000 to get "Hits per capita". I then plotted this against "GDP per capita" (again using Wikipedia data).

The result is here

What I find interesting is that almost all Asian countries are below the expected line, except the Philippines. Both Japan and China are significantly below, even if Japan has a very long history as a successful computer market. Could it be the language barrier? Unfortunately, I didn't find any S Korean data.

What can be done to improve the situation in Asia? More Linux websites in Chinese/Japanese and/or other languages?

The situation will not change there without an effort. My 2c.