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Thread: Post Your System Specs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I should list all of the Phoronix test systems sometime. At any time there's usually about 36 different setups readily available, granted of course, we phase out old hardware quite quickly -- i.e. donating Athlon XP, Socket 478 systems, etc.
    Heh... And I thought I had a bunch of stuff lying about... >:-)

    I've about half that much stuff in service or waiting to be used right at the moment.

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    Desktop: Giga-byte K8NS-Pro: Athlon64 3400+, 3GB RAM (Crucial or Corsair, can't remember), BFG nVidia 5500OC 256M AGP, 2x WDC Raptor 10k/SATA 150GB, 2x WDC Caviar 7.2k/PATA 80GB, Atheros 802.11bg, Marvell 88E8001 Gigabit eth, Samsung 225BW 22.5" LCD, pcHDTV HD3000+HD5500, using optical out from onboard nVidia audio to Yamaha HTR-5730, Gentoo x86, 2.6.20

    Notebook: Compaq Presario v5303nr, Turion64 MT-40, 2GB RAM, ATI XPress 200M 5955, Internal Broadcom wireless & Netgear WG111 Wireless G USB, Gentoo x86, 2.6.20

    Unpopulated mobo: ABit AV8...once I get a job I'd like to fill this with goodies too...probably will take the Captain's chair from my Giga-byte board

    Wanting an ExpressCard VSB/QAM256 TV tuner & E/C or USB HD-Radio tuner when/if they become available

    Plus half a dozen or so of old mobos, most P5-class or older sitting in the basement.


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