Sorry for the bad english in my last comment. But I think who want to understand that is able to

Basicly I wanted to say that it is maybe better to have a clear enemy, in the bush junior president time, all non-americans could hate america with full patience ( with knowing that there are a few people who arent dumb as straw ).

So we can hate and fight Microsoft maybe some other companys which dont fight that. And like somebody said, maybe with that move coreboot gets kickstartet. You all say not for desktop-boards, in fact there are some desktop boards today who are suppported by coreboot, even a zacate board from asrock.

And if we can maybe think of the same market share than macosx has worldwide of linux-desktop, and 1 or 2 mainboard companys only choose to use linuxbios they sell noticable more boards because of that. And additionaly they save some cost. So go ahead, I see the same thing by the nvidia guys btw, because they would loose some bigger income in the long run, if they only would have their blob, because the better the open ati driver gets the more market share they would loose under linux and linux is expanding also very heavily.

But we reward them for being asocial with only giving out this blob. (yes yes some of you like that thing, so ok, but why is then nouvou needed) but ok only a side-note, because I cannot force nouvou developers to slow down or stop developing their driver.

Sadly Nvidia did not sue them, then it would be a clear thing and we would stand (nearly) united against them till they suffer or die like SCO. (but on the other site the grafics card market is so small that killing them would create at least for some time a monopoly. But maybe there would be finaly again some space for more companys to go in that market