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ARM based laptops and PC's would be kickass...those chips perform quite well for the low power they use. Bet there'll be speedy new ARM chips to power these machines...with Linux on top!
I'd definately buy one as soon as ARM gets acceptable speed. With shaders it is predicted to hit Playstation3 kind of graphics in a year or two on phones (!!!!) and with reduced latency and improved battery life, it might as well be the nail in the coffin for consumer x86 use entirely. Also taking into account that Window 8 and the latest Office will run on ARM!

There should be mobos that are "Designed for Coreboot" from the ground up, then make this crap all a non-issue
Not to mention the 5% speed increase from not running the BIOS next to the OS, which a lot of people (including the OS kernel itself) doesn't even know's happening.

Boy exciting times! ^^, Year of Linux on the desktop? Year of Linux in the desktop replacers! Wait... that has already happened with Crapdroid!