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Thread: VMware Graphics Prepare To Leave Staging Area

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    Default VMware Graphics Prepare To Leave Staging Area

    Phoronix: VMware Graphics Prepare To Leave Staging Area

    The VMware developers working on their "vmwgfx" graphics driver for Linux on their virtualization platform are preparing to have this driver leave the kernel's staging area and formally move into the Linux kernel DRM tree as one of the stable, mainline graphics drivers. But before this driver moves into the formal DRM tree, they are pushing a set of changes to clean up the kernel interface to this driver, which will break things in a non-backwards-compatible manner...

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    RH really needs to get Spice in order. Full iommu support.

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    I wonder if this vmwgfx work will be compatible with VMware Workstation 7.x or if they'll do a major release bump to make us all pay for an upgrade just to get the support that was promised for VMware Workstation 7.

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