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intel is a large and good company. all their drivers are open sourced or almost.
I don't see what would be wrong with Meego, except others seeing danger, as none of the other mobile OS will go the true open-source way, except for Meego.
If intel ever release a chip that actually beats ARM *and* has Meego, they might win quite a bit of share, oh and they won't need no big appstore.
Who cares if they release a chip that beats ARM? Meego, using Linux, will run on any CPU. Of course, making a better chip should still always be their goal as that is their primary business.

I'm also interested in Meego though as a Java-based Linux-software-incompatible desktop like Android is isn't my idea of fun. Now all we need is everyone to jump onto a single standardized versatile true solution package manager so it's even easier to run the same apps you do on your Linux desktop on your Linux phone as well. Pretty obvious durr idea for freedom and making Linux 1000 times awesomer.

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Only thing is that netbooks are out of fashion. I hope Meego will sharpen its foucs on Tablets.
Hopefully that's your honest opinion based on real wants and not just because Apple or industry hype told you so. Someone explain to me how a tablet is any more useful than a sophisticated piece of paper like they use it for on Star Trek. What does Picard have on his desk? A laptop (netbook). Why? Try typing with both hands on a tablet without getting a kink in your neck. Laptops/netbooks have a screen you can prop up at any angle you want so you don't have to constantly be holding something upright while laying in bed for example, and they have a keyboard that you can type on while still seeing your entire screen. The latter issue can be somewhat resolved by smarter software, but the biggest problem IMO is the first.

The form factor just sucks for most tasks where you're relaxing or wanting to get real work done. Holding something up while trying to also do work on it is just a nightmare.

Quite simply, laptops/netbooks can be used as a desktop replacement if you want. Tablets can't and are more like a big phone form factor, and I don't need two phones.