If Intel has a sepperate section so should via and sis probably, because intel makes integrated gpus only as I know and so does sis and via, if not then sorry, but I have only read of integrated intel vga chips. So sis would need a section so somebody could finally take care of some minimal, I mean some sis laptop owners would be happy if they had some minimal 3d driver, like some other open source drivers have and not some high fps rate. Via has linux drivers as I know and I have seen via chrome9 chipped laptops for sale. I am only dumping it here cause these are integrated as intel, but maybe not as popular, but would be nice to at least have a sis and via section here. I know these chips are bad, the cream of the crap and such stuff, but still sisers would deserve a linux driver for new chips too and viaers too a good one. I just mean not only nvidia, ati and intel exist, if somebody thinks that.