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Thread: AMD, please give us EGL or decent direct rendering.

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    OK, thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by smitty3268 View Post
    On the desktop, Mesa and NVidia drivers default to GL2. fglrx is blacklisted to only use GL1 because the new backend is too slow on that driver.
    Which new backend ? I was under the impression that the GL ES / EGL backend was the new one, is the GL2 one new as well ?

    Quote Originally Posted by smitty3268 View Post
    The original complaint here was that the new GL 2 backend didn't work very well. He was saying alternatively, if you could fix the EGL requirement then maybe the ES2.0 backend would work instead. I'm not actually sure if that would fix the problem being encountered or if it would have the same issues, and neither does he. I don't think anyone has actually tried it or knows.
    AFAIK we are recommending GL rather than GL ES / EGL for the fglrx driver. The "GL ES subset of GL2" recommendation was primarily for 3xx-5xx hardware with open source drivers, where the driver exposed GL2 caps in order to run more apps but because the hardware was DX9 rather than GL2 (GL2 needs a bit more in the HW than DX9 but came out after the 3xx-5xx HW was designed) the driver couldn't be completely compliant with GL2 without falling back to software and becoming real slow on many common apps. GL ES 2.0 aligns better with DX9 HW capabilities than GL 2 does. Of course this is all irrelevent for fglrx which starts support with DX10 HW.

    Am I being naive expecting a bug report that says "we are expecting A from this sequence of OpenGL commands but we are actually seeing B" ?
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