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Standarts written by microsoft, I suppose? Cause newer ones tend to be copyrighted, patented or closed/NDA.
Feel free to contact them on ANY peripheral issue and just you mention "Linux" - just sit back and relax as they ignore you.
Modern mice an keyboards are usually USB devices. So they probably should build their devices around the USB HID class specs.


The docs are open and AFAIK the USB patent situation is actually quite good.

The exact problem with keyboards is for example their G-15, tested here on phoronix. Pay attention to word "community spawned". Now compare to when company itself not even publish the specs, but works together with community for opensource software, without difference be it windows, linux, mac or wherever you port it to.
If they make their devices compliant with USB HID specs, then they do not have to write drivers and it will work with any OS which has USB HID drivers. Having dozens of keyboard, mice and game controller drivers because every vendor just does its own thing is not good. USB device classes were invented for a reason, use them.