OK, big problems here.

I tried installing the fglrx 8.42.3 on my HP nw8240 laptop, following this guide. http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubu...allation_Guide I am unable to load the module after the install is complete. I tried removing everything and going back to the driver included in the gutsy repos but that fglrx module won't load either. When I run 'modprobe fglrx' I get no output, but the module is not found under lsmod. I also tried 'sudo insmod fglrx.ko' in the /lib/modules/2.26.22-14-generic/misc directory but I get "insmod: error inserting 'fglrx.ko': -1 Operation not permitted".

I've tried checking the libGL links in /lib and everything seems normal.

The card in the laptop is a firegl v5000, but it is recognized as a Radeon Mobility X700, pci id 1002:5653. I don't think its a problem that it's a firegl.

Any one have any advice for me?