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When there were broken benchmarks here, of Linux vs OpenSolaris, I did not argue too much. OpenSolaris used gcc 3.4, 32 bit, vs Linux gcc 4.3, 64bit. I did not whine about OpenSolaris, and I do not whine about Linux now.
I don't know what ' I did not argue too much' means, but argue you should since a there's certainly a big difference between gcc 3.4 and gcc 4.3 in the code they output, which obviously affects the performance of benchmarked binaries.

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Anyway, it would be interesting to see BSD running Linux software. I have read people claiming that BSD is faster than Linux, when running Linux software. That would be interesting to see if it is true.
Yes that WOULD be interesting, so would this particular test, IF phoronix could conduct it in a way that would make the results meaningful. But sadly these tests are so very flawed. I mean seriously, 3d performance comparisons running with different compositors enabled, of which one atleast is well known to have severe impact on 3d applications/games? They couldn't make the test more pointless if they tried (unless of course if this was specifically to test nvidia proprietary on Ubuntu 11.04 vs FreeBSD 8.2, but that is NOT how the test was presented)

Now, of course you as a well-known BSD/Solaris fanboy will look at the results and say GREAT! Just like linux fanboys would have done the same had the results been reversed. But neither of you care one lick for the actual facts anyway, so what else is new. I on the other hand (and I suspect alot of others with me who can look at an operating system objectively) would like to know the actual performance, no matter what it would be, because we find these things interesting and therefore it's a darn shame that Phoronix does all these very interesting tests and yet so poorly constructed that the testresults end up being close to worthless.

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Clearly, BSD devs did something right. Again.
I'm sure the BSD devs have done tons of things right, but what exactly were you referring to?