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Thread: Intel Core i3 2120

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    Default "real budget offering" includes Processes per watt !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zapitron View Post
    It looks like at the very end of the article, you realize that you comparison-benchmarked it against the wrong thing. How about against other $130 CPUs? AnonymousCoward's "If you want real budget offering you buy AMD of course" statement is exactly what you should have explored, IMHO.
    In most parts of this planet, electricity is expensive, in the lifetime use of a computer. AMD loses big time in this regard. Simpletons only examine immediate purchase price. Life long running costs are the most important, including the cooling of overheated gadgetry.

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    I have the same technology although Intel has also introduced some latest version too but its really enough to meet with all my work.Its really amazing.

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