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Thread: Mesa Compiler Stacks, A Hard Dependency On LLVM

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    Default Mesa Compiler Stacks, A Hard Dependency On LLVM

    Phoronix: Mesa Compiler Stacks, A Hard Dependency On LLVM

    Tom Stellard, the former Google Summer of Code student who worked on R300 GLSL improvements and a new register allocator, is now working for AMD and his work is focused on bringing up open-source OpenCL / GPGPU support in the Radeon Linux driver...

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    LLVM will have big impact for FOSS, so this is a good thing. It and Mesa will grow together.
    And when Tom end up working at AMD? He didn't praised himself

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    I have yet to detect any dependency of the Intel classic driver on LLVM. I'm perfectly fine with it if they decide to make it a dependency, but I don't see it actually implemented as such right now.

    Can the Intel classic driver (i.e., currently the most stable and feature-complete driver for Intel chips on Linux) even use LLVM? Or does it forego it because it doesn't need to deal with TGSI in a world without Gallium?

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