Michael, the "coalesced" graphs starting at the bottom of page 25 aren't working correctly. They show 1 bar instead of 2, or at least that's what I think they should be showing.

Also, it would be very helpful to readers if you created a table of contents page for articles this long - or maybe that is part of your war against adblock. I know most of the review sites i frequent use a dropdown list for page navigation, which let's them put a page title there for readers to skip to.

Finally, there's this:
There also isn't much more of a conclusion since the large number of readers using AdBlock ruin it for the rest of you, since Phoronix.com is run single-handledly and funded entirely by advertisements and Phoronix Premium.
Wait, what? How does people using AdBlock keep you from writing a conclusion? I guess this is just you ranting again...